Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Housing is important

Housing is important

During a recent political outreach campaign in favor of Los Angeles County allocating funds (taken from affordable housing when redevelopment was demolished) back to affordable housing, I realized, some people just don’t understand how important housing is.  SCANPH, (Southern California Association of Non-Profit Housing), recently shared some astonishing facts that make it much easier to comprehend and convey the harrowing fact that housing can and does affect the entire society



…Living in overcrowded homes
·         More likely to be held back a grade
·         Score lower on math and reading tests
…Adolescents who experience housing instability
·         Have higher rates of depression, teen pregnancy, and drug use
…Those who experience homelessness
·         Have higher rates of acute illness, emotional issues and learning difficulties.

Nationally about 30% of children in foster care cannot reunite with families because the family lacks safe, affordable, stable housing. 

Housing is important

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The One Paseo development in Vista, CA

 The landscape of San Diego County is changing.  New developments are happening so often now moving homes, offices and stores closer, lowering commute times, expenses, etc.   One development which aims to do just that is One Paseo.  A master planned community, One Paseo will boast private residences, stores and offices all in one location.  Thoughtfully developed, One Paseo promotes walk ability combined with other green aspects and is sure to raise property value throughout the area.  Despite the apparent good the new project will do for the community at large, there are Nay-Sayers fighting tooth and nail to deny the development of the new project. 

Truth: Community growth is good for the local economy.  Community growth brings new jobs, amenities or opportunities and housing options.  Growth symbolizes a healthy economy and prolongs the stability of the community.  If a community does not evolve or revitalize itself, it will become idle and eventually unused;  Infrastructure will age and not be repaired. 

To learn more about One Paseo, visit their website @